Benefunder's Innovative High Impact Giving

With a DAF, a donor receives an immediate tax deduction at the time of contribution while making disbursements over time. If you do not have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), your wealth advisor can help you setup one with one of Benefunder’s trusted DAF partners. If you already have a DAF, contact us about adding your provider to our network.

Benefunder’s partner donor-advised funds give you the ability to create and name a fund, establish and implement a planned giving strategy, and gain immediate access to innovators working in all fields at top universities and institutions across the country.  We put donors in the driver’s seat when it comes to giving, facilitating a significantly lower overhead structure, greater access, and transparency.  Additionally, 100% of your donation goes directly to the institution in the name of the researcher, providing them the resources to meet their research goals without the bureaucracy and application process associated with many other organizations. Benefunder’s fees are charged directly to your DAF account. You get the satisfaction of donating directly to programs that matter to you in the most efficient manner and the assurance that your donation is being used most effectively.

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About Causes and Researchers on the Benefunder Platform

Each researcher is under contract with Benefunder.  Under the terms, they are required to create and maintain a profile with us, use funds for what is described in the profile, provide regular updates, and maintain their good standing at their institution. This provides us with the most current information available on all of our researchers, which helps us make the best matches with would-be donors. The Benefunder team assists researchers in creating their profile including specific content and, in some cases, supporting video. We collect a series of data points on each of our researchers which we use to make the best possible matches with donors. When distributions are made, we notify the researcher of the amount, frequency and duration of the gifts. We then compile their updates and milestones into impact reports for donors.

What are the Criteria for Researchers to Join?

In order to join Benefunder a researcher must:

* Funded by two nationally recognized institutions, universities, corporate or private
* Currently with a top 50 research institution

Other qualifiers include:

* Strong citation score through h-index
* Won major awards
* Peer recommendations
* Recommendation from current University

How philanthropy on works

* Contact Benefunder for a complimentary philanthropic needs assessment
* Benefunder will work with you to create a tailored giving plan
* Establish a Benefunder partnered DAF account or add Benefunder to your existing account
* Implementation of the giving plan
* Receive periodic updates
* Annual Impact Review - adjust giving plan as needed

Benefunder provides these services:

* Needs assessment
* Personalized giving proposal including individual program recommendations
* Implementation - gift/transfer instructions, notifications, thank-you letters
* Stewardship, regular updates and an annual impact review
* Adjustments, reallocations, and new matches