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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Skrabalak Link

A Toolkit for Nanomaterial Design

Sara Skrabalak

Touger-Decker Link

A Unique Approach to Diet and Nutrition

Riva Touger-Decker

Leskovec Link

A Whole New World of Data Regarding Human Behaviors has Emerged with Social Media and Social Networks

Jure Leskovec

Stiff-Roberts Link

Achieving the Impossible by Harnessing Materials in a Novel Way

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts

Southwick Link

Adaptive Healthcare

Frederick Southwick

Duty Link

Additive Manufacturing with Composites

Chad Duty

Field Link

Addressing Chemistry’s “Impossible” Problems

Robert Field

Anne Dubin, Lauren Schneider Link

Addressing Psychological Issues in Children Using Novel Virtual Reality Tools

Anne Dubin, Lauren Schneider

Fuller Link

Adult Stem Cells: The Driving Force for Tissue Replenishment and Repair

Margaret Fuller

Manning Link

Advancing Biophysics and Soft Matter Physics

M. Lisa Manning