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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Boos Link

Physics of Monsoons

William Boos

Stechmann Link

Predicting Weather a Season in Advance

Sam Stechmann

Cassar Link

Studying Environmental Composition

Nicolas Cassar

Bales Link

Sustaining Water Flow

Roger Bales

Neelin Link

The Interface between Climate and Physics

David Neelin

Broccoli Link

Through the Lens of the Past into Future Climate Conditions

Anthony J. Broccoli

Van Aken Link

Transforming Natural Phenomenon into Art

Sam Van Aken

Burney Link

Triple-Win Solutions Combat Hunger and Climate Change

Jennifer Burney

Clowe Link

Uncovering the Mysteries of Dark Matter in our Universe

Douglas Clowe

Hansen Link

Understanding Climate Change

James Hansen