Transforming health through digital connectivity and human action

DH Labs uses technology to remedy the common, yet extremely ineffective, practice of diagnosing and treating health problems without fully examining our surrounding environment. DH Labs believes it is imperative that all citizens have a better understanding and stewardship of our shared environment which will, in turn, improve health and our ability to diagnose health issues

  • To reach their goal, DH Labs are capitalizing on the convergence of two technological phenomenons: the decreasing costs in medical technology and the increasing ability to share health information through smart devices.
  • The smart phone medical technology developed by DH Labs enables every person to analyze their own health, and the health of their surrounding environment (e.g., water pollution, air quality, etc.), in a secure way.
  • This technology will allow smartphone users to contribute to a cloud of information regarding the health of their environment(inadvertently, simply by carrying their smartphones with them on the go), and then access that information as they need it and most importantly, apply it to their daily health choices.

Rather than traveling to hospitals or waiting for doctors, DH Labs envisions people using a network that is already available to them - through their smart phones - to have a direct impact on their health and the health of the environment in which they live. They believe this is a revolutionary technology because human health is inextricably linked to environmental health.

Distributed Health Labs is based at University of California, San Diego's Qualcomm Institute, and they are a passionate, multidisciplinary team that is united in its determination to usher in a new age of technology-enabled global health. 

"We are guided by the belief that by leveraging inexpensive sensors and digital connectivity, together we can change the global health equation -- be it individual, community, or environmental health."

DH Lab's mission is to create an open community of innovators and adopters to make that happen.