February 2, 2017 - Benefunder announced today it has established an agreement with Princeton University to offer prospective donors the opportunity to support Princeton’s faculty engaged in leading-edge research and innovation programs through Benefunder’s unique philanthropic “marketplace.”

Benefunder provides a targeted approach for high-impact giving by donors who want to focus their support on research and innovation that addresses causes about which they feel most passionate.  In  addition to Princeton, Benefunder has institutional-level agreements to connect donors and researchers with the University of California/San Diego, the Children’s National Health System, the University of Florida, Harvard University, the International Computer Science Institute, Rutgers University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, and University of Wisconsin/Madison.

Benefunder Platform Features More Than 650 Funding Opportunities At the Nation's Leading Research Institutions 

Institutions with formal agreements with Benefunder can recommend the most promising and innovative research programs all across their institution for inclusion on the Benefunder platform, and establish protocols for incoming gifts.

Programs on the platform reflect all stages of research and innovation, including proof of concept, pre- commercialization, clinical trials, and incubators and accelerators, in fields including life science, new technology, the environment, and the arts and humanities.  Faculty leading the programs are profiled on the platform for review of their work by prospective donors and their wealth advisors.  Donors direct financial support to the researchers of their choice through donor-advised funds, a philanthropic vehicle offered by wealth management firms.

“We are thrilled to provide donors access to the extensive range of philanthropic opportunities represented by the research interests of Princeton’s world-renowned faculty,” said Christian Braemer, Benefunder co-founded and CEO.  “By more efficiently connecting researchers and donors, we are helping to generate critical additional funding for cutting-edge research as well as assisting donors who want to maximize the positive impact of their giving on the world’s most urgent societal issues.”

Benefunder's High-Impact Philanthropy Model

Benefunder is a unique funding channel for research and innovation, providing financial advisors with a better solution for targeted philanthropy and donors with a smarter and more meaningful way to give.  Benefunder is the U.S.’s largest donor platform for active research, offering the opportunity to directly support more than 650 top researchers working toward breakthrough treatments and solutions that will greatly impact and benefit society.