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Why Benefunder

Historically, innovation has been the greatest contributor to societal health, wealth, knowledge, and security and the primary source of emerging breakthroughs has been from research. Today, the biggest threat to the innovation ecosystem is a lack of capital!

Private wealth is uniquely positioned for outsized impact given the concentration of resources and demand for alignment with social outcomes. Benefunder facilitates philanthropy and investment along the innovation continuum, providing unprecedented access to leading innovators, a multiplier on funding efficiency and direct engagement through a combination of ecosystem, technology, and knowhow.

What We Do

Benefunder provides personalized philanthropic and investment banking services to help private funders execute their impact mandates. We integrate with existing structures and strategic relationships, facilitating a seamless continuum of capital to accelerate impact across thematic areas.

We identify objectives, understand/define strategies, source and vet relevant opportunities, transact, and facilitate ongoing engagement. Benefunder is the infrastructure that helps discover, amplify, and engage across all categories and stages of emerging breakthroughs!

Who We Serve

Benefunder works with family offices, foundations, and philanthropists as an aligned agent for their impact agendas. We facilitate direct, pooled, and syndicated funding approaches that leverage like minded funders and amplify impact.

Benefunder is a trusted intermediary, bringing an extensive ecosystem of strategic partners including innovators (researchers & entrepreneurs), foundations, wealth management, donor advised funds, academic institutions, and accelerator/incubators.

Funding Mandates
Benefunder mandates are defined philanthropic and/or investment interests derived from our network of funders. Benefunder is actively sourcing and matching solutions in the following areas:

If you are a researcher or entrepreneur working in any of these areas or if you want to learn more about how Benefunder works with funders, please contact us.

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Strategic Partners
The Benefunder ecosystem consists of academic/research institutions, accelerators & incubators, philanthropic, wealth management, and non-profit partners. Each brings strategic value to our network of funders.