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John Evey
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John Evey

Evey served for four years as Vice President for Development at the J. Craig Venter Institute (“JCVI”), and was responsible for generating collaborative partnerships with and financial resources from the private sector for this pioneering genomic research institute.

For over three decades, Mr. Evey led development and advancement programs for notable charitable organizations and educational institutions. From 1985 to 2007, Mr. Evey held major roles with three universities, most recently as Assistant Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Executive Director of Development for the Marine Sciences at University of California, San Diego (“UCSD”). Evey serves as a director of five companies and, on a voluntary basis, as a member of the Host Committee for the Kyoto Prize Symposium in San Diego, which helps host presentations by the Kyoto Prize laureates each spring. He and two colleagues also facilitate investment and joint venture partnerships from China for American companies with disruptive technologies in multiple sectors.