If you’re not having a philanthropic conversation with your clients, someone else is!


Benefunder is your philanthropic specialist and will help you seamlessly integrate high impact philanthropy into your practice. We work with existing donor advised fund administrators so that you manage the assets and we manage impact.

Why Philanthropy?

According to a 2016 U.S. Trust study, 91% of high net worth individuals give, yet 58% described their giving as less than 'very fulfilling'!  

Why Benefunder?

Benefunder has the largest network of vetted programs across all cause areas. Our marketplace allows us to provide the greatest efficiency in deploying capital directly to the hands of the people doing the groundbreaking work. Benefunder will support you and your clients at every step of the process, from identifying opportunities, needs assessment, proposal development and ongoing reporting.

Benefunder is changing the philanthropic landscape by introducing  a new  that aligns the interests of all stakeholders. Advisors to retain and grow their assets under management, strengthen client relationships, and have a measurable impact on our nation's future. Clients gain greater access, efficiency, and engagement, in their philanthropy, which increases impact. Researcher get a scalable new funding channel to help push groundbreaking research into the real word.

Our scalable philanthropic solution for wealth managers is a first in the industry. Today it’s about maximizing impact and transparency, reducing overhead and introducing engagement and accountability. Benefunder makes this easy with a ‘plug and play’ solution for your practice.

Clients are demanding greater impact, control, accountability, efficiency and results from their giving. Benefunder helps advisors seamlessly integrate charitable giving into their practice, allowing them to address clients’ philanthropic planning needs, facilitating a truly holistic approach to wealth management.

How it Works

Contact Benefunder for a complimentary philanthropic needs assessment

Benefunder will work with you to create a tailored giving plan

Establish a Benefunder partnered DAF account or add Benefunder to your existing account

Implementation of the giving plan

Receive Periodic Updates

Annual Impact Review - adjustment giving plan as needed



Academic research is responsible for over half of all wealth creation in the U.S. since WWII. It has produced breakthroughs like MRI, lasers, Internet, and countless therapies. Companies like Google, IBM, Illumina and countless others were spun out of academic research labs.

Despite all these benefits, research funding has been on a steady decline over the past decade, which has created an ‘innovation deficit’, the full effects of which will be seen for generations to come.  

Research relates to any cause a donor might be interested in and usually focuses on understanding and solving the underlying problems facing society.

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