Benefunder is a unique marketplace that is working to close the nation's innovation deficit by providing top scholars and scientists with a new funding channel. Through the Charitable Innovation Fund powered by Benefunder, we work with donor-advised funds and community donations to match you, the researcher, with philanthropists who want to build lasting relationships, and fund cutting-edge research in the sciences and the arts that is impacting and changing our world. By joining Benefunder, you gain access to discretionary funds to further understanding of our world and life, and to help advance knowledge, cures, therapies, and new technologies.

We work with top researchers—both basic and applied—across all fields of study, including healthcare and life sciences, the arts and humanities, engineering, social sciences, physical sciences, and education. Benefunder’s platform includes researchers from top universities and research institutions.

In 2015, U.S. individual philanthropy hit an all time record of $258B, yet less than 4% went to research. The top 10 financial institutions saw roughly a third ($93B) pass through their accounts, which represents lost revenue and relationship opportunities for them. One firm represented more than $32 billion in charitable distributions - nearly four times the National Science Foundation budget and equal to the entire National Institutes of Health budget.

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are now one of the fastest growing account types in wealth management with nearly $80B in assets, and are growing at roughly 15% annually. Benefunder integrates with DAF administrators in order to grow the overall share of distributions going to research in a way that helps philanthropists have greater impact and engagement with their philanthropy.

Where will your future funding come from? Join Benefunder today and advance your research.



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