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Mandate Services

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Bespoke family office and foundation services spanning the full capital stack that
Benefunder helped us deploy funds in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, and we feel like we're getting better results!”

Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Expands access to funding opportunities
Provides on-demand expert networks
Expertise in structuring and terms to maximize efficiency and align outcomes
Access to peers & funder networks for collaboration and syndication


To accelerate resource deployment to high impact projects and investments.


Aligning philanthropy and investing along mission is the best way to increase the likelihood of achieving impact objectives, but it is hard, time consuming, and expensive!

Most funders are either taking shots in the dark, building extensive in-house infrastructure or paying high overhead and fees with little outcomes alignment. Challenges include;

  • Knowing which projects/companies to fund
  • Properly evaluating opportunities and structuring terms
  • the ability to track & manage deployments once they’re made
  • Access to peers for collaboration


A centralized resource for mandate driven funders to source, diligence, structure, deploy and manage across the lab to market spectrum.

As a plug and play extension of existing teams, Benefunder provides Mandate Services to accelerate and optimize access, efficiency, and engagement with:

Ecosystem - Projects, Companies, Institutions, Peers

Infrastructure - Management System, Reporting, Banking

Expertise - Diligence, Structuring, Market Intelligence

What is a Mandate?

A well-defined problem, strategy, and set of outcomes the org intends to achieve within a timeframe. Don't have a mandate? We can help!

Key Features

All cause areas and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) across the philanthropic and investment

Sourcing Vast ecosystem of innovators, institutions, NGO's, accelerators, and VC's

Expert Network Over 750 leading academic experts, 22 leading universities, as well as peers

Expertise across the grantmaking and investments, particularly with non-traditional structures

Compatibility Qualified charitable expenditure

Flexibility We can support the entire org, spin up new programs, and/or provide on demand support

Predictable expenses

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