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Mission Control for
Impact Deployment

The only family office collaboration platform that facilitates all aspects of grantmaking and impact investing.

Impactly brings everything together and enables us to focus on deploying impactful capital”
Kara Ballester, Executive Director
BQuest Foundation

The Problem

Family offices have unique challenges, with complex structures, services, platforms and intermediaries. In-house systems are often nonexistent (spreadsheets) or expensive, misaligned with family structure, high-maintenance and inefficient to deploy impact capital.

The Solution

The Single
'True Ledger' Productivity Platform for Family Offices

Save Time, Make More Informed Decisions, Achieve Better Outcomes

What Impactly can do for you?

Impactly is a software platform that helps securely consolidate the multiple activities of your family office in one place. This creates efficiencies for the staff, clearer insight for family members across the org, and facilitates better resource deployment and management.

As a fully supported secure platform, Impactly streamlines operations and facilitates unprecedented and discreet collaboration among peers and trusted 3rd parties to foster syndication, engagement, and outcomes.

Value Added Services

Benefunder Provides a Full Spectrum of Deployment Support

Mandate Services

Bespoke family office and foundation services, including sourcing, diligence, structuring, and transactions across philanthropy and impact investing

Capital Markets

Investment banking services that expand access to funding vehicles, capital sources, & syndication opportunities

Core Capabilities

Enhanced Productivity

of investment and grant-making workflows.


and discreetly share projects, companies, or portfolios with peers, encouraging co-funding and syndication.

Data Analytics & Reporting

measuring performance, impact metrics, cash flow projections and adjustments.

Fully Customizable Platform

for any level of complexity or use case, with accessibility via any device.


of both manual and automated data feeds.

Tailored Permissions

based on specific roles (staff, family members, advisors).

Maximum Security

with encrypted, two-stage authentication.

Enterprise-Level Support

with white-glove setup, issue escalation, and new feature updates.