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Benefunder bridges the gap between impact focused capital and the entrepreneurs and fund managers with scalable solutions to big problems. Benefunder Capital Markets specializes in the earliest stages of commercialization through growth and pre-IPO stages of private equity, venture funds, and other debt/equity structures. We work in the inverse of traditional banks, where we start with funder requirements and tap into our extensive ecosystem to source and identify opportunities from qualified sources. We don't fundraise and there's no 'pay to play'.



Family offices and foundations realize that divestment from ‘bad actors’ is no longer sufficient and impact can correlate with returns. Early-stage big ideas that can significantly disrupt the status quo are the greatest leverage point for impact, but are notoriously difficult to find, evaluate, and manage.

Funders struggle to deploy capital!

Entrepreneur/Fund Manager

Traditional capital markets do not typically align with societal outcomes, risk profiles, nor with timelines required to solve major problems. Private capital is notoriously hard to navigate while identifying impact aligned patient capital can be a literal unicorn.

Solutions to our biggest problems go unfunded!

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To accelerate resource deployment to high impact projects and investments.


Research Institutions



Family Offices

Financial Institutions

Venture Capital


Benefunder Capital Markets provides an aligned private investment banking solution tailored to expand access to leading funding opportunities, provide the necessary resources to aid decision making, the platforms to manage portfolios, and the ecosystem to fill rounds faster

Key Features

Access to Qualified Investments/Investors

Reduced Time/Cost of Deployment & Fundraising

Syndication Among Funder Peers & Channels

Specialization in early stage, deep tech, impact investments

Supports a Variety of Funding Structures

Investor Diligence + On demand Subject Matter Experts

Business Model: Success based, long term alignment with outcomes

Data Room, Investor materials, cap table management, diligence, compliance, tracking

Case Studies

Advanced Graphene Manufacturing

Seed Stage

Synthetic Biology/Immunotherapy

Seed Stage

Novel Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases

Series A

Targeted Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Seed Stage

Prophylactics for COVID-19

Series A

Early Stage Cleantech Fund

First Close