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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Cornuelle Link

Making the Ocean a Quantitative Science

Bruce Cornuelle

Bose Link

Meeting the Demands of Bone Healing

Susmita Bose

Claudel Link

Mobile Sensing System Applications

Christian Claudel

Buesseler Link

Monitoring our Radioactive Ocean

Ken Buesseler

Boos Link

Physics of Monsoons

William Boos


Protect National Infrastructures Against Disasters; Damage Assessment and Mitigation

Center for Extreme Events Research

Hedges Link

Restoring Forests, Improving Quality of Life

Blair Hedges

D'Asaro Link

Robotics Change Oceanographic Exploration

Eric D'Asaro

Cleland Link

Species Matter: Predicting Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change

Elsa Cleland

Neelin Link

The Interface between Climate and Physics

David Neelin