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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Ghedin Link

Decoding the Genomes of Microbes to Identify the Kill Switch

Elodie Ghedin

Gerbi Link

Defects in the Regulation of Genome Duplication can Lead to Cancer

Susan Gerbi

Kurzrock Link

DNA-Customized Cancer Treatment

Razelle Kurzrock

Bass Link

Double-Stranded RNA: The Enigmatic Helix

Brenda Bass

Jeste Link

Empowering Seniors to Age Successfully

Dilip Jeste

Kaback Link

Established the Modern Field of Membrane Transport

Ronald Kaback

Wall Link

Exploring Our Genetic History

Jeff Wall

Batzoglou Link

Genomic Data Leads to Better Understanding of the Genomic Progression of Breast Cancer

Serafim Batzoglou

Sickora Link

Healthcare at the Microsystem Level

Cindy Sickora

Weibel Link

Human-Centered Computing: Putting the Human Before Everything Else

Nadir Weibel