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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

de Marneffe Link

Capturing Meaning: How Information Can Be Expressed Without Being Said

Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

Randy Hulet, Gustavo Scuseria Link

Collaboration Excites Sustainable Energy Solutions

Randy Hulet, Gustavo Scuseria

Needell Link

Compressing Data Signals and Information

Deanna Needell

Gagliardi Link

Computational Modeling Searches for Efficient Energy Sources

Laura Gagliardi

Belongie Link

Computer Vision

Serge Belongie

Vasconcelos Link

Computers that See

Nuno Vasconcelos

Fahlman Link

Computers With Human-Like Common Sense and Language Understanding

Scott E. Fahlman

Nomura Link

Conceptualizing a Multiverse

Yasunori Nomura

Bewley Link

Coordinating Robots for Environmental Sensing and Fun

Thomas Bewley

Ng Link

Creating Powerful Computing Platforms Needed to Tackle Even More Challenging Problems

T. S. Eugene Ng