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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Ainsworth Link

Human Impacts on Marine Ecosystems

Cameron Ainsworth

Franks Link

Interdisciplinary Oceanography

Peter Franks

Parks Link

Inviting Whales into the Conversation

Susan Parks

Cornuelle Link

Making the Ocean a Quantitative Science

Bruce Cornuelle

Deming Link

Microbial Life in the Cold

Jody Deming

Buesseler Link

Monitoring our Radioactive Ocean

Ken Buesseler

Thunell Link

Our Warming Oceans

Robert Thunell

Stechmann Link

Predicting Weather a Season in Advance

Sam Stechmann

Jensen Link

Probing Cell Machinery

Grant Jensen

Hedges Link

Restoring Forests, Improving Quality of Life

Blair Hedges