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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Stiff-Roberts Link

Achieving the Impossible by Harnessing Materials in a Novel Way

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts

Coleman Link

Advancing Wearable Health with Smart Skin Sensors and Cloud Analytics

Todd Coleman

Bewley Link

Coordinating Robots for Environmental Sensing and Fun

Thomas Bewley

Herr Link

Designing and Developing Novel Bionic Limbs

Hugh Herr

Garfein Link

Eliminating Disease Worldwide

Richard Garfein

Rosing Link

Energy Efficient Smart Cities

Tajana Rosing

Brian Chu, Yanyong Zhang, Clifford Weisel, Mehdi Javanmard Link

Environmental, Biological, and Behavioral Markers of Youth Distress

Brian Chu, Yanyong Zhang, Clifford Weisel, Mehdi Javanmard

Baneyx Link

Harnessing Nature’s Abilities in the Next Generation Technologies

François Baneyx

Chew Link

Maxwell’s Equations: Using Math and Physics to Advance Technology

Weng Cho Chew

Picard Link

Measuring Emotion to Improve Lives

Rosalind Picard