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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Mark Aronoff, Matthew Lerner Link

Autistic Communication

Mark Aronoff, Matthew Lerner

Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, James Millonig Link

Creating Neural Stem Cells to Overcome Autism

Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, James Millonig

Jay Gargus Link

Curing Autism

Center for Autism Research and Translation Jay Gargus

Russo Link

Learning from the Strengths of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Natalie Russo

Menon Link

Research at the Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Lab

Vinod Menon

Naviaux Link

The Mitochondrial Nexus Behind Chronic Illness

Robert Naviaux

Weiss Link

Unraveling the Genetics of Autism

Lauren A. Weiss