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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Davidson Link

Change your Mind. Change the World.

Richard Davidson

Sulzer Link

Connecting the Brain and Body for Rehabilitation

James Sulzer

Milanovic Link

Cutting-Edge Tools to Combat Depression

Snezana Milanovic

Barbour Link

Developing Video Games for Medical Diagnostics

Dennis Barbour


Driving Innovation Forward

Qualcomm Institute

Engle Link

Focusing out of Distraction into Attention

Randall Engle

Barbic Link

Free Software for Computer Animation, Virtual Reality, Film and Games

Jernej Barbic

Grace Link

Getting at the Root of Psychiatric Illness

Anthony Grace

Lyons Link

Greening the Supply Chain

Kevin Lyons

(CNEP) Link

Harnessing the Power of the Human Brain

The Center for Neural Engineering and Prostheses (CNEP)