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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Howat Link

A Global Picture of Glaciers

Ian Howat

Bergbreiter Link

Ant-sized Robots with Big Applications

Sarah Bergbreiter

Lawrence Link

Climate Solutions in Land Use

Deborah Lawrence

Cerato Link

Defending Against Natural Disasters

Amy Cerato

Cui Link

Designing Better Cyber-physical Infrastructures

Shuguang (Robert) Cui

Coimbra Link

Harvesting Reusable Energy through Solar Forecasting

Carlos Coimbra

Clark Link

How Ice Sheets Influence Global Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Peter U. Clark

Hemsley Link

How Online Information Spreads Like Wildfire

Jeff Hemsley

Welti Link

How Plants Sense Environmental Stress

Ruth Welti

Jablonowski Link

Improving Weather and Climate Change Predictions

Christiane Jablonowski