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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Egelman Link

Computing in the Human Factor

Serge Egelman

Savage Link

Fast & Furious Cybercrime-Stompers

Stefan Savage

Sahai Link

Hiding Secrets in Software

Amit Sahai

Friedland Link

Online Privacy Supports Offline Privacy

Gerald Friedland

Murphy-Hill Link

Powerful Technology for Society's Benefit

Emerson Murphy-Hill

Keromytis Link

Preventative Cybersecurity

Angelos Keromytis

Chong Link

Securing Information

Stephen Chong

Du Link

Smartphones: Attack and Defense

Wenliang (Kevin) Du

Godfrey Link

Speed-of-Light Internet

Brighten Godfrey

August Link

The Economics of Cybersecurity

Terrence August