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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Srinivasa Link

Building Robots That Can Perform Complex Tasks With and Around People

Siddhartha Srinivasa

Abbeel Link

Advancing Robotics to Help Humans

Pieter Abbeel

Brainerd Link

Animals’ Abilities Inspire Novel Engineering Solutions

Elizabeth Brainerd

Bergbreiter Link

Ant-sized Robots with Big Applications

Sarah Bergbreiter

Cowan Link

Building Biologically Inspired Robots

Noah Cowan

Fahlman Link

Computers With Human-Like Common Sense and Language Understanding

Scott E. Fahlman

Bewley Link

Coordinating Robots for Environmental Sensing and Fun

Thomas Bewley

Herr Link

Designing and Developing Novel Bionic Limbs

Hugh Herr

Mutlu Link

Making Robots an Important Part of our Everyday Lives

Bilge Mutlu

Merians Link

Merging Physical Therapy, Neuroscience, and Biomedical Engineering for Hand Rehabilitation

Alma S. Merians