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The people and causes that are driving new advances.

Weld Link

A Cooler Approach to Quantum Matter

David Weld

Bren Link

A Lesson from Plants in Harvesting Energy

Kara Bren

Kurtz Link

An Astronomical Deep Space Search Engine

Michael Kurtz

Kostelecky Link

Beyond Einstein: The Search for Relativity Violations

Alan Kostelecky

Stassun Link

Big Data Visualization and the Autistic Mind

Keivan Stassun

Narayan Link

Black Holes: Mysteries Unsolved

Ramesh Narayan

Hammer Link

Blazing like the Sun

David Hammer

Schleier-Smith Link

Building a Foundation for the Next Generation's Quantum Technologies

Monika Schleier-Smith

Robertson Link

Capturing Elusive, Ghostly Particles

Hamish Robertson

Nomura Link

Conceptualizing a Multiverse

Yasunori Nomura