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Benefunder adds COO and CTO to team

Benefunder has announced that Silicon Valley veterans, Rocky Vienna and Peter Zadrozny, have joined the Benefunder executive team as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

Benefunder Marketplace Available Through ImpactAssets' Innovative Donor Advised Fund

Benefunder, a philanthropic marketplace that provides a targeted approach for high impact giving through partnerships with donor advised funds (DAFs), announced that its platform is now available to wealth advisors and their clients through the ImpactAssets Giving Fund, a donor advised fund focused on socially responsible and impact-driven investment options. 

Benefunder Signs Agreement with Princeton University to Offer Donors Access to Researchers via Philanthropic Marketplace

Benefunder announced today it has established an agreement with Princeton University to offer prospective donors the opportunity to support Princeton’s faculty engaged in leading-edge research and innovation programs through Benefunder’s unique philanthropic “marketplace.”

Benefunder Reaches 10th Institutional Agreement Offering Donors Access to Researchers Via Philanthropic "Marketplace"

Benefunder announced today that it has now established agreements with 10 nationally known research institutions to offer prospective donors the opportunity to support their faculty engaged in leading-edge research and innovation programs through Benefunder's unique philanthropic "marketplace."

Chris Blunt, President of New York Life Investments Group, Joins Board of Benefunder

Chris Blunt, President of the Investments Group of New York Life, has joined the Board of Benefunder, an organization that integrates with donor advised funds (DAFs) to connect donors directly with top research causes across the nation.

Benefunder Offers Philanthropic Marketplace Through American Endowment Foundation

Benefunder, an organization that enables wealth advisors to offer clients a new solution for high-impact philanthropy by partnering with donor advised funds (DAFs), announced that its unique marketplace of philanthropic opportunities will be made available to advisors and their clients through the American Endowment Foundation (AEF), the nation’s largest independent sponsor of DAFs.

​Benefunder Veterans Impact Fund

Nearly 23 million veterans are living among us today. Proud, accomplished, and loyal, these men and women come home to a world that poses everyday battles many of them never expected. They face both mental and physical health challenges and difficult transitions back into their civilian lives, as well as financial troubles. Benefunder's Veterans Impact Fund includes innovators who are creating novel solutions to improve the lives of veterans and their families, as well as active duty service members.

Top U.S. Innovators Join Benefunder in Fueling Nation's Clean Energy Future

Through its new Clean Energy Impact Fund, a unique philanthropic based initiative, Benefunder plans to spark a passionate appeal to donors who want to have a direct impact on solving some of our nation’s biggest energy issues.

Benefunder Joins Global Conference for Accelerating Cleantech Innovations & Funding

Benefunder, the nation’s leading research platform for charitable giving, will join other cleantech thought leaders to meet and exchange ideas, facilitate trade and investment, celebrate entrepreneurship, and further innovation during the third annual LACI GLOSHO Cleantech Global Showcase, October 21-22, 2015.

Benefunder Named Best 'Do-Gooder StartUp' by San Diego Magazine​

Benefunder is honored to be included in San Diego Magazine's Best of 2015 issue, which features top picks in business & culture, food & drink, fashion & design, and fitness & health. Read more here.

Life Science Veteran Terry Bruggeman Joins Benefunder Board

Foundation to leverage business leader’s deep financial, governance and operational experience.

Benefunder Partners with University of Wisconsin-Madison to Accelerate Research & Innovation

Benefunder, a foundation that connects philanthropists with top research causes across the nation, has added another university partnership to its platform to support the next generation of leading researchers and to help move innovations forward.

Benefunder Joins White House Clean Energy Investment Summit

Responding to the President’s call to action to expand private sector investment in solutions to climate change, Benefunder is announcing its participation in the White House Clean Energy Investment Summit today. The Summit brings together foundations and mission-driven institutional investors to discuss ways to boost clean energy innovation.

Benefunder Selected as Winner in 35th Annual Telly Awards

Benefunder, an organization that works with wealth management firms to connect high net worth clients with top research causes across the country, has been named a Bronze winner by The Telly Awards for its compelling videos portraying top innovators across the nation.

Benefunder Partners with Children’s National Health System to Advance Pediatric Research

Benefunder, an organization that works with wealth management firms to connect high net worth clients with top research causes across the country, and Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C., have launched a first-of-its-kind partnership designed to propel funding for pediatric research.

Benefunder Launches Charitable Innovation Fund to Connect Donors With Top Researchers

The rising demand for high impact philanthropy is prompting many wealth management firms to look for new and innovative ways to engage donors. Leading this trend is San Diego-based Benefunder, an organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with top researchers across the country. Benefunder has launched its one-of-a-kind Charitable Innovation Fund, which is a purpose-driven, hosted Donor Advised Fund or "DAF". 

Benefunder Partners With Syracuse University to Advance Important Discoveries

April 9, 2015 -- Syracuse University’s strengths in the humanities, sciences and engineering will further boost Benefunder’s robust research platform, allowing philanthropists to create a more diverse giving portfolio.

Benefunder Partners with Rutgers University to Advance Innovation Via High Impact Philanthropy

March 19, 2015 -- Benefunder, an organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with top researchers across the nation, has announced a partnership with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, to help advance scientific breakthroughs and discoveries into the market.

Feb 25, 2015 -- Benefunder, an organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with top researchers across the nation, will join other industry and academic leaders on Thursday, March 5 during the  UC Davis Department of Chemistry’s 15th annual R. Bryan Miller Symposium. The symposium, which will be held at the UC Davis Conference Center, is the first of its kind to take a pioneering look at rare disease research, the obstacles, new approaches that are shaping the future of research, and how to treat difficult diseases. Speakers and panels from academia, industry and patient advocacy groups will share perspectives on driving innovation toward finding cures for people living with rare diseases.

Benefunder Launches New Interactive Website to Connect Philanthropists With Top Researchers

Feb. 20, 2015 – Benefunder, an organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with leading researchers across the nation, has launched its new interactive website, which features profiles of scientists and scholars in various fields, including life sciences, advanced technology, environment, and the arts and humanities.

Benefunder Partnership Aims to Boost Computer Science Developments Into the Market

Dec. 16, 2014 – In an effort to bring promising research advances in computing to market, Benefunder, a philanthropic organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with leading researchers across the nation, has established a partnership with the Berkeley, Calif.-based International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). Read more here.

Benefunder Explores Role of Philanthropy in Fueling Innovation During World Stem Cell Summit

Nov. 20, 2014 – As part of its participation in the World Stem Cell Summit, Benefunder, a philanthropic services organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with leading researchers across the nation, will be hosting a panel on Patient Groups, Foundations & Venture Philanthropy- Crucial Parties Funding Research and Delivering Therapies to Market and Patients. Read more here.

Benefunder To Launch New Funding Channel For Higher Education Research

Aug. 14, 2014 – Benefunder, a San Diego-based philanthropic research funding platform for higher education institutions, and the University of California, San Diego, recognized as one of the top 15 research universities worldwide, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to embark on a two-year pilot program. The long-term goal of the partnership between UC San Diego and Benefunder is to allow junior and senior faculty in diverse disciplines to create funding relationships with private supporters from across the country, and generate one-time and recurring donations to fund their work and vision. Read more here.


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Helping Heroes

Researchers in Benefunder's Veteran's Impact Fund were featured in an article in San Diego magazine's Innovation Tip Sheet.

Digital Donations 

Benefunder was featured in an interview on Fox 5 with CONNECT's Greg McKee about innovative philanthropy.

Philanthropy Has Role in Clean Energy Economy

Benefunder CEO Christian Braemer's OpEd in the U-T San Diego about how philanthropists and foundations will play a critical role in defining a new "green" economy.

Benefunder: Filling the Public Funding Gap With Socially Responsible Investment

In our current funding situation, it is a matter of time before we are no longer the innovation leader in the world. When that happens…venture capitals are going to leave, we’re no longer going to be home to the primary innovators. It means jobs, it means industries. There’s a long-tail effect to losing that position, and right now our best bet is philanthropy in filling that gap.

Connect's pioneering role for young companies

The U-T San Diego featured Benefunder cofounder and CEO Christian Braemer in a story about how CONNECT has helped fuel innovation and companies over the past three decades in San Diego. Read more of the story here.

Philanthropy: The New Risk Capital?

Benefunder Cofounder and CEO Christian Braemer writes in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about how novel, targeted investment strategies are giving donors a powerful chance to spend wisely—by fueling the innovation economy.

Philanthropy Firm Benefunder On Its New Clean Energy Impact Fund

Benefunder, the innovation-oriented philanthropy organization, is pushing forward a “green research and commercialization movement” with the launch of a Clean Energy Impact Fund.

Funding a Cure for Childhood Diseases

Childhood diseases like cancer have a profound effect on families. One donor-advised fund is working directly with researchers to change that. Read more.

Rutgers partners with Benefunder to increase research funding

Rutgers announced a partnership with Benefunder on March 19 after Christian Braemer, CEO and co-founder, met with University officials and discovered a mutual interest for the company and UniversityBy building partnerships between wealthy donors and top research universities like Rutgers, funding will no longer be a hindrance to groundbreaking innovations. Read more.

New DAF Enables Donors to Fund Individual Researchers

High-net-worth American philanthropists increasingly want their charitable dollars to make a difference they can see and measure, and it behooves wealth managers to find ways to help their clients and ones they hope to attract achieve their goals.

Redesigning the Philanthropic Business Model

True philanthropists want real results, are willing to take risks, and will bet on ideas if they understand their true potential. Nonprofits have a unique opportunity to revamp their business models to better align the interests of philanthropists who want to take risks. A hybrid structure allows us to put more money where it's supposed to go – into the actual cause.  It will dramatically increase the effectiveness of philanthropy.

New Direction For Giving

San Diego Business Journal – Benefunder, a San Diego-based nonprofit, has created a more direct way to connect philanthropists to top researchers — avoiding the high overhead costs associated with charitable foundations and filling the funding gap left by federal budget cuts to research programs. Read more here.

Changing philanthropy landscape to fill innovation deficit

U-T San Diego – While some nonprofits are working toward a “cure” for many diseases, most of the money donated to these charities does not go toward actual research. Why not create a solution that allows more money to directly flow to researchers and less for overhead and other expenses? Read more here.

Q&A with Christian Braemer: How Benefunder is bridging the “Innovation Deficit”

Breakout Labs – Earlier this week, we asked Benefunder CEO and Co-Founder Christian Braemer to give us some insight on how his philanthropic services organization is driving a fundamental shift in traditional research funding by creating a marketplace, attracting new money, lowering costs, and increasing transparency. Read more here.



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